Hedge Fund Investment

“Hedge Fund investing is part art, part science;
through the market cycle the hedge fund asset class is the most flexible and efficacious of all asset classes.

Michael Rosenthal

CIO and Head of Hedge Fund Investment


Producing attractive risk-adjusted returns for clients is our goal.  Achieved by building and managing customised portfolios of uncorrelated investment opportunities.

You need to maintain a sharp focus on client needs, have a proven due diligence process and access to a global hedge fund network built up over two decades.  We strive to achieve alpha driven returns across market cycles and seek to preserve capital during weak market environments.

We leverage 20 years of investment management experience across all regions and strategies and through multiple market crises to benefit our clients.


Our Specialisms

Multi-Asset Investments

Investment Management

We think long-term – that achieves the best results. So we manage long-only investment portfolios and we stick to guidelines agreed with you.

Hedge Fund Investment

Hedge Fund Investments

If you seek attractive risk adjusted returns, we use our expertise to consistently deliver this for you.

Cash Management & Debt

Cash Management & Debt

Cash and debt need to be managed well. We consider both alongside your other investments.

Private Capital

Private Capital

Intellectual capital can be just as important as investment. Our clients appreciate that we bring them together to make the best deals.

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We can help you to administer your global wealth; from managing your investments to setting a cross-border strategy for your current and future generations or investing for a social impact. Whatever your needs we will work with you to find a solution, call us on +44 (0)20 7298 6060.